Should I do my hair red and orange or teal and green? HELP ME DECIDE, TUMBLR.

4 tangelos and 3 apples for $2!? I love Footscray Market.

So we’re watching a show where two people have sex in a room and then they come out and talk about it to a bunch of “sex experts.” It’s the wierdest thing ever.


basically me

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DZ Deathrays — Reflective Skull

Fine ASOS, I’ll buy the bag with a dog eating a slice of pizza on it so my order is above the free shipping minimum. Fine. But I’m not happy about it.


The Dandy Warhols- Horse Pills

Things I’ve accomplished today:
1. Watching every episode of Broad City
2. Eating vegan fro-yo
3. Good sex
10/10. Successful day.

I just got home from a week away to a giant pot of tea, a hot bath, and the nicest hug I’ve ever had. Fuck I love my girlfriend.

Looking hot as in the library.

Looking hot as in the library.

Endometriosis is the worst thing in the world. I want to hack my uterus out with a rusty knife.