Dyin ma hair blue! Imma be the hottest smurf babe out.


Dance Apocalyptic | Janelle Monáe


Video: Jamie T - Don’t You Find: HE’S BACK!

Good cheekbones and good politics - Zayn Malik is such a dreamboat.

1. I’ve had the best couple of days drinking wine and cuddling and eating borek and going to an art gallery and juat generally being cute with my fav gal.

2. I think I love 5 Seconds of Summer. I’m a failure of a person.

4 tangelos and 3 apples for $2!? I love Footscray Market.

So we’re watching a show where two people have sex in a room and then they come out and talk about it to a bunch of “sex experts.” It’s the wierdest thing ever.


basically me

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